viernes, 29 de agosto de 2014

I can see it now.

Brand new eyes. Literally, this is my new dress (more like, my new from 2 months ago dress) from Sheinside.
I'm in love with the print, it has that creepy fashion vibe that I love to put in all my outfits, I think the originl idea was from Zara, but they don't have that dress in stock anymore.
My fedora is from Pacsun (i think it's from the Brandy Melville collection), and my glasses are vintage.

I haven't taken any photos from the shoes I was wearing in my outfits, idk why I forgot that, so I'll upload them another day! Hope you're having  nice friday, thanks for reading bitchachos.

lunes, 25 de agosto de 2014

They're just Mondays

My outfit here is just an old sweatshirt from f21, high waisted mom jeans from Zara, and my gladiator sandals from Pacsun.

So, third Monday that I'm back to school and everything is going on pretty normal, last semester was a total disaster and I ended up half dead haf zombie half ravioli so I'm looking forward to at least survive with more elegance this time. 
Anyway, I don't know if I mentioned this before (I really think i did tho) but I'm selling my camera, if I do so, which will be tomorrow or maybe the day after, I may not post anything at all in October. I don't know, I shot (shoot?) a lot of outfits which should be enough for September and my cupcake business is going a little slow so maybe I won't be able to collect all the money for the new camera until November.
Anyway, i'll let you know how that goes.

Also, because in my school they have this absolutely stupid pointless rules, I had to dye my hair a "deep red color" that looks purple-red-idon'tknowwhat color. Which is also why I took a lot of photos for the blog before my flawless ombre pink-white effect disappeared, a very clever plan I thought about, so you probably won't see my actual horrible color until about 2 months or something don't worry.

Hope you're all doing well, eat your homework, do your vegetables and all of that namaste stuff.
Be nice, thanks for reading!

viernes, 15 de agosto de 2014

Nobody wants to hear you sing about tragedy

It's been a long time, I know, I haven't been posting lately because I'm really lazy and I'm trying to sell my camera to get a new one and finally get decent photos for you guys (get out of the usual white wall) and that leaves me without being able to shoot sometimes.

I bought this mom jeans when I went on vacation, and I love them to death, I have been looking or the perfect pair everywhere until I went to Zara and finally found them there, waiting for me, almost screaming my name. If you're looking for some good boyfriend or mom jeans, I really recommend you getting them from Zara, the quality is really good and it fits realy nice. The top I'm wearing is just an old black shirt I got for 4 dlls and I ripped off the sleeves and put on that golden paint with some acrylics I had in my house.
My creepers as you may know are from Urban Outfitters, and my sweet little film camera (Minolta x370) that I'm finally showing, is from Ebay.
Anyway, I have a lot to tell you guys about the last few weeks, I went to Monumentour and saw Fall Out Boy and Paramore live for the first time in my life and it was magical. I swear it felt like everything in the world was suddenly filled with music and happiness and oh my god it was amazing, I will make another post with photos from the concert so you can get to see what I'm telling you "live and in color".

Also I dyed my hair, for like the 230943 time, because I already started school and they have this "no colored hair" policy that is absolutely useless but yeah, my hair can't be pink anymore so it's red again (and even with it being red, just for having the ombre effect they're all over me). But it was pretty fun to dye it red again, I sort of missed it, and yeah. If any of you wants me to make a little tutorial or something let me know, it'll be a fun thing to do and I for some miracle don't suck on that.

I have a lot to share with all of you, I'll try to post all of it this week or maybe the next one, I'm very excited and scared at the same time with this new semester and I hope it doesn't suck the life out of me so I can keep up with the blog more frecuently. 
Have a nice weekend!