lunes, 7 de julio de 2014

I can see me in your eyes

Hey there! Here are some shots I got the other day when I went shopping, I'm wearing a very nice jersey-dress from Sheinside, can you believe it was only 10 dlls? I love it so much I want to wear it everywhere I go. Anyway, I paired it with my chunky sandals because they're more comfortable but I think it looks better with the white creepers (from Urban Outfitters) that I'm showing in the photos.

As you can see my hair is another color -again- and I wish it could stay like that forever, sadly school starts  in a month or so which means I'll have to dye it a "normal" color, but hey, it was nice while it lasted.

 In case you're wondering how I dyed it that way, I just applied a magenta dye (Jazzing hair dye) in the top of my head, and when I was reaching the middle I mixed it with conditioner to make it less vibrant and get a pinkish pastel tone and I didn't touched the tips at all (which were already pastel orange) and yeah, that was it, I've been washing it every day because I can't stand not doing that but the color is still as vibrant so I don't worry too much at all.

I know I said in the other post that I'd introduce y'all to my new Minolta but I think it'll be better if I do that when I get my film developed so you can also see how the pictures look and everything, anyway, hope you're having a really nice week and stay tuned because this month is gonna get a little crazy, I'm going in a vacation trip so I'll be posting a lot of photos from that. 
Thanks for reading!

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