sábado, 28 de junio de 2014

Parental advisory of explicit High Fashion content

Here is -finally- one of the 3 things I ordered from Sheinside a while ago, I haven't got the time to take photos so that's why it is taking me soooo long to show you guys the things I bought.
I'm in love with this top, it is absolutely gorgeous, so easy to pair with anything and it looks killer.
I really recommed you to buy it in case you like it, I got a disccount for sharing the sheinside store with 5 friend in facebook so I got it for 10 dlls, but I think the original price is 20 bucks which is really good and affordable to anyone.

I decided to wear it with my leather leggings (from agaci) and white creepers (TUK, from Urban Outfitters), I can't use too much layers because the weather here is horrible, even when I get out the shower I already feel like I'm drowning in sweat.

Anyway I hope you're having a wonderful weekend, in the next post I'll share you a little from my life and talk to you about how amazing is this new film camera I got (Minolta x370) so stay tuned! 

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