sábado, 28 de junio de 2014

Parental advisory of explicit High Fashion content

Here is -finally- one of the 3 things I ordered from Sheinside a while ago, I haven't got the time to take photos so that's why it is taking me soooo long to show you guys the things I bought.
I'm in love with this top, it is absolutely gorgeous, so easy to pair with anything and it looks killer.
I really recommed you to buy it in case you like it, I got a disccount for sharing the sheinside store with 5 friend in facebook so I got it for 10 dlls, but I think the original price is 20 bucks which is really good and affordable to anyone.

I decided to wear it with my leather leggings (from agaci) and white creepers (TUK, from Urban Outfitters), I can't use too much layers because the weather here is horrible, even when I get out the shower I already feel like I'm drowning in sweat.

Anyway I hope you're having a wonderful weekend, in the next post I'll share you a little from my life and talk to you about how amazing is this new film camera I got (Minolta x370) so stay tuned! 

jueves, 26 de junio de 2014

Fashion never sounded so good

 As we all know, it's Festival Season! Glastobury is ready to start this 27 and we couldn't be happier, the line up gets better each year and it leaves us with this unfamiliar excitement, making us crave for more and more music each time. And for all of those lucky ones that are in the festival, here are some fashion "musts" to light up the whole place.

For the ladies, in case you're completely tired of flower crowns and neon tank tops, we have a little alternative for you, perfect for music festivals because of the grunge vibe in some clothes.
With a little inspiration from Vogue and Sky Ferreira, we thought this simple outfit will be the best for you!

white chunky sandals

 Starting with a Silver Metallic Skirt -or shorts- from Versace S/S 2014 collection, you're gonna love how stylish this can look with oversized tees, I personally love this Morph8ne t-shirt, the prints from this store are killer and very comfortable -specially if you're dancing like crazy in the sun-. 
We thought that a pair of black sneakers will look great with the outfit, but to make it more fashionable we decided a pair of black buckled boots will do the trick too. Also they're very easy to walk on and you can find them everywhere at affordable prices.
Last but not least, 80s purple have the best sunglasses ever when it comes to retro or round styles, this cat looking ones captured our attention and look sick with the whole outfit!

Another option, in case you're crazy about floral stuff, is this Balmy Nights Dress from Dolls Kill, it looks gorgeous and gives you a Gatsby vibe that makes you look super fancy, and super comfy at the same time! Perfect for really hot days, like when you're jumping around under the sun listening to your favourite band, and to make it even more chick and comfortable we thought this pair of White Chunky Sandals will make it impossible for anyone not to be jealous.

If you feel a little lost when it comes to the Beauty Essentials, a friend of mine that is very dedicated in the subject recommended this:
-Blooding Sheets (you don't want to look all sweaty in your photos!)
-Chapstick or EOS Lip Balm (to kiss the boys and make them die)
-Sunscreen, it is very important to take care of your skin.
-A little brush to carry everywhere you go.
-BB Cream (it contains sunscreen, and primer, which is absolutely perf)
-Lip and Cheek Stain (it stays where you want it to be)
-Waterproof Eyeliner as well as some glitter! It'll look fab, try getting some inspo from the Chanel Haute Couture S/S 2014 
-Primer, and waterproof mascara

domingo, 15 de junio de 2014

I'll come to you, I'll run run run

A little update of the outfit I was wearing today, it's pretty casual because I won't be doing anything special other thatn going to a restaurant (father's day) and hanging out with my friends!
It's a black crop top from f21, high rise jeans from Pacsun, and chuncky sandals from Missguided.
I cutted the holes in my jeans because I've seen it a lot lately and I love how it looks, so why waist money buying a new pair when you can cut your old ones right? I recommend it a lot, it looks really nice! And is super easy to cut them, you can find tutorials in youtube if you have a hard time trying to cut your jeans.

Also you can see how my hair has changed from pastel pink to a orangy salmon color, it looks really nice too, but I'm plannig in dying the top of my head a magenta-pinkish color and leaving the tips pastel orange, what do you think?

Hopefully I'll finally get to wear one of my dresses from Sheinside tomorrow, so I'll post it soon and I'm also very excited because I ordered a Minolta x370 on ebay and I can't wait for it to arrive and take a hella lot of photos! Multiple exposures and stuff, I love film cameras.

I hope you're having a great weekend! Have a nice day and thanks for reading

domingo, 8 de junio de 2014

Where the dog days can't touch me

My vacations have been very nice to me lately, even tho we are dying here because of the weather (45 celsius every freakin day), I've been going out with friends and doing stuff.
I will post some new outfits soon because my sheinside orders finally arrived today! So keep in touch lovely readers, for those of you who are interested in Sheinside's clothing.

Here are some photos I took the other day, I was with my best friend Gerardo and the sky was beautiful, we were just playing with our camera settings and I took some shots of him lighting my perfume with his lighter. We also took some polaroids, but I'll show them in another post as well as all the other polaroids I've taken this month.
Hope you all have a great week, see you soon!