martes, 15 de abril de 2014

Harder to hide than I thought

Soooo, it's getting hotter and hotter and I'm gonna cry, I hate it so much, you get all sweaty and dirty but yeah whatever. Anyway, here's a quick and simple outfit I wore to school the other day, as you can see it's pretty basic, i had to rush to the school so I didn't had time to choose something nice.

It's basically my beautiful creepers 
(I got them in Urban Outfitters the last semester), my acid wash denim jeans from Pacsun, a black crop top (mine's from f21) and this really cute necklace that I got in Call it spring. I hope you like it, it's something you can wear to the mall, or to school, something very casual.
Anyway, right now I have a week off school thanks to our mexican "spring break" that's acttualy called Semana Santa, so yeah, I'm free for this week.
Also I wanted to show you guys something really cool I did the other day in my room, I bought some cellophane paper (I'm not sure if it's called like that) and I glued it to my window, so every day my room is just full of different colors and it looks beautiful, and the paper is pretty cheap tho, you should try it.

That's all for today, I hope you are having a great week and that you might find helpful this outfit for your ootd ideas! Goodbye x

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