viernes, 28 de marzo de 2014

Those goddamn habits my teacher said

So it's friday and I decided to share with you my ootd.
I made this top the other day, because I really loved the one Rihanna wore in one of her concerts, from the "Ashley Williams hand print tshirt" (you can watch the article here ). But yeah, basically I just bought the white crop top and I doodle the hands on it with a sharpie (permanent market, and no it doesn't fade or wash out), hope you like it, m obssesed with it I wear it like crazy.
I used it with my black velvet leggings, which you can get in basically everywhere (mine are high waisted and from f21), then I just paired it all with my beautifull black creepers that I got from amazon last summer.
It wasn't that cold but I wanted to wear this with a denim jacket because it looks lovely, but it's getting really hot here in Mexico and I can't stand it, it's horrible, I miss wearing nice jackets so much.
Anyway, I hope you can get some idea from this outfit and have a really nice weekend, hopefully I will post another look tomorrow so check it if you want! x

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